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Dr. Diana Atwine

Permanent Secretary - Ministry Of Health

Diana Kanzira Atwine, also Diana Atwiine, is a Ugandan medical doctor and civil servant. She is the incumbent Permanent Secretary of the Uganda Ministry of Health. She was appointed to that position on 4 November 2016 by Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda.

Professional Skils

Medical Doctor
Consultant Physician


Expected Outcomes

  1. Test & Treat Initiative: Official launch & introduction; for Early Cancer Prevention, Detection, diagnosis, and linkage to care for successful treatment
  2. Close the cancer Care Gap: Delivering commitment and creating synergies across countries, governments, and partners
  3. Amplifying stakeholders’ voices to apply the principles of meaningful & sustainable engagement & participation of all in cancer control programs
  4. Improved quality in cancer research, surveillance & innovations
  5. Realization of avenues for affordable & accessible cancer detection, diagnosis, treatment, and Palliative Care services
  6. Increased access to cancer screening, testing, and diagnostic supplies across all levels of care