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Globally, NCDs are accountable for 41 million deaths.

  • The High-Level Event aims at bringing together all stakeholders in Africa to embrace the Test and Treat Initiatives approach  as a key to create a Cancer and other NCDs Free Africa and the World at Large so that they realize their full potential to stand up and ensure their engagement and participation in the implementation, review and follow-up of the 2030 elimination agenda for NCDs for Sustainable Development and Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as well as other relevant global , continental and  national agendas and frameworks
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ATTI Conference is the Africa Cancer Test and Treat Initiative Conference against Cancer and other NCDs, a conference supported by the Ministry of Health and key stakeholders with the purpose of Enhancing awareness, early detection, and diagnosis for quality cancer prevention and Control via Test and treat Initiatives for pre-disposing factors.

  • Africa Commitment to Test and Treat Initiative against Cancer and other NCDs: Official Commitment of African leaders, public and decision makers, influencers, private sector, foundations, organizations and networks are galvanized to invest and voice their support towards the global movement for Early Cancer and other NCDs Detection (Awareness, screening and Testing), diagnosis and immediate linkage to prevention and Control interventions.
  • Close the Care Gap: The partnership will contribute to delivering commitment and creating synergies across countries, governments and partners to support the fight to eliminate cancer and other NCDs from Africa.
  • Strong Collaborations across governments, institutions and partners for improved quality in data management for cancer and other NCDs surveillance, research and other interventions.
  • Realization of quality avenues for affordable & accessible cancer and other NCDs detection, diagnosis, treatment and Palliative Care services.
  • Many cancers can be prevented and cured if detected early
  • Coupled with the rapidly increasing costs for cancer treatment, the cancer epidemic poses a threat to global welfare advancement.
  • This has called for dev’t of effective cancer prevention and control strategies for the major societal challenge through Early detection
  • This Conference will hence convey the urgency & collaboration needed in the move of uniting our voices and taking action to create a cancer free world
  • Through promoting the Test and Treat Strategy to enhance early detection and diagnosis for successful treatment as in cervical cancer currently as per WHO guideline 2021

Given the challenge of limited resources in the cancer prevention and control program, finances are needed to plan and finance all budgetary requirements. All Proceeds of the conference are used to support the Ministry of Health, to enhance awareness, improve early cancer detection and diagnostic services for quality pre-cancer and cancer treatment  across all levels of care.

(a)  Individual participation/attendance

(b)  Sponsoring of at least 5-30 participants

(c)  Sponsoring a particular item on the budget

(d)  Sponsorship via exhibitions and sponsorship packages.

(e) In Kind support in form of supplies, services, e.t.c.

Contact; for details. 

  • Strengthening primary and secondary prevention through enhancing extensive cancer and other NCDs awareness and screening/testing.
  • To strengthen practical improvement of cancer and NCDs screening and diagnostic services and closing the laboratory –Clinician interface.
  • To build strong collaborations for data management and utilization in research and surveillance at all levels for best practices and sustainability.
  • To realize affordable & accessible pre-cancer, cancer treatment and Palliative Care services.
  • To strengthen Integration of the cancer program and other NCDs in other Disease programs .
  • In 2018, the global incidence of new cancers was estimated at 18 million cases.
  • From 2008 – 2020, the cancer incidence count increased from 715,000 to 1.1 million in 54 African countries.
  • In the same time period, cancer mortality count increased from 542,000 to 711,000.
  • It is estimated that by 2040, Africa will have an increase of 2.1 million new cases and 1.4 million deaths of all neoplasms combined.
  • Uganda is one of the countries with highest burdened of cancers in the world
  • For example, in Uganda cervical cancer just like other cancers is characterized by late presentation, with more than 80% of women either reporting or being diagnosed late when the cancer is more difficult to treat.
  • This has resulted in low treatment success and survival rates with most patients often referred for palliation, thus quality test and treat initiatives or strategies are key to prevent advancements into cancers

Our Purpose?

Enhancing awareness, early detection, and diagnosis for quality disease prevention and Control

Our Process Activities

Enhancing awareness, early detection and diagnosis for quality disease prevention and Control


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