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Dr. JiJian

Deputy Chief of Surgery | The China-Uganda Friendship Hospital

Dr.JiJian is a Chinese Medical Team member, The China-Uganda Friendship Hospital and Deputy Chief of Surgery. He is also a tutor with a master’s degree in surgery. He is the reviewer of the Journal of Regional Anatomy and Operative Surgery (core journal) and the first author or corresponding author of 10 published articles in core journals. Inclusive, he is responsible for 2 research projects.

Professional Skils

Cancer Awareness & Prevention


Expected Outcomes

  1. Test & Treat Initiative: Official launch & introduction; for Early Cancer Prevention, Detection, diagnosis, and linkage to care for successful treatment
  2. Close the cancer Care Gap: Delivering commitment and creating synergies across countries, governments, and partners
  3. Amplifying stakeholders’ voices to apply the principles of meaningful & sustainable engagement & participation of all in cancer control programs
  4. Improved quality in cancer research, surveillance & innovations
  5. Realization of avenues for affordable & accessible cancer detection, diagnosis, treatment, and Palliative Care services
  6. Increased access to cancer screening, testing, and diagnostic supplies across all levels of care